7 Best Jo Jung Suk Dramas that you must not miss

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Jo Jung Suk Dramas

Jo Jung Suk was born on december 26,1980. He made his debut in the movie” Architecture 101″ which became the highest-grossing movie of all time. He is also an excellent singer and had made albums including -“All for You” and”I love you so much.” Jo Jung Suk met Gummy during her birthday party and now they are happily married and have two children together. He has acted in various dramas but I find his role as Dr.Lee ik Jun was the best due to his funny and friendly nature towards people. In 2014, he won the best actor award in the TV drama”You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin”

Check out the 7 Best Jo Jung Suk Dramas

I have listed the 7 best jo jung suk dramas according to the best ones. Also, there is a movie called “My Annoying Brother” which is one of the best jo jung suk movies.

Hospital Playlist (2020)

Genre: Medical, Comedy

IMDb rate:8.8/10

No of Episodes:12

Hospital Playlist is one of the best jo jung suk dramas. The story is about 5 friends-Lee ik Jun(played by Jo Jung Suk), Chae-Song-Hwa(played by Jeon Mi-do), Kim Jun-wan(played by Jung Kyung-ho), Ahn Jeong-won(played by Yoo Yeon-Seok), Yang Seok Hyeong(played by Kim Dae-Myung) who has been together for the last 20 years. They met during medical school in 1999 and now work together in a hospital called “Yulje Medical Centre.” Lee ik Jun is a surgeon specializing in liver transplants. After getting divorced from his wife, he stays with his Son Wo-Joo(played by Kim Joon). He has a very pleasant and friendly character with his patient and is always loved by his colleagues.

Hospital Playlist 2 (2021)

Genre: Medical, Comedy

IMDb rate:8.8

No of Episodes:12

This drama is the second season of Hospital Playlist and Season 2 features the struggles and challenges of these 5 friends. As Lee ik Jun’s ex-wife is about to get married causing him to confront his feelings to Chae-Song-Hwa. Kim Jun-wan faces difficulty in his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend. Chae-Song-Hwa also starts having health issues. Ahn Jeong-won who always want to become a priest takes the decision on leaving his medical career and pursue his wish to become a priest. Yang Seok Hyeong had a complicated relationship with his father who abused him and his mother in the past.

The Nokdu Flower (2019)

Genre: Historical, Corruption

IMDb rate:7.6/10

No of Episodes:24

This drama is set in the year 1894, where they share a different mother but the same father. They are conditioned differently but are brought back by the battle of Ugeumchi where they face each other as opponents. Bae Yi-Hyun (played by Yoo Shi-Yoon) while Baek Yi-Kang(played by Jo Jung Suk) is a farmer who struggles to meet his end meets.Despite being on the opposite side of the war. They share the values such as Justice and equality.

Two Cops(2017)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Detective

IMDb rate:7.1

No of Episodes:32

Two Cops tells the story of Cha-Dong Tak(played by Jo Jung Suk) who is a hardworking and dedicated detective who works to solve crimes but one day he meets Gong Su Chang (played by Kim Seun-ho) who is a con artist and gets killed while investing a case with Cha-Dong Tak. But suddenly he finds himself in the body of Cha-Dong Tak and the story starts revolving around them and they start solving crimes together.

Jealousy Incarnate(2016)

Genre: Romance, Comedy

IMDb rate:7.8/10

No of Episodes:24

Before you judge this drama, just have a look at the trailer and you will get the vibe of this drama. It tells the story of Pyo Na-ri(played by Gong Hyo-jin) who is a hardworking anchor and works in a broadcasting station while Lee Hwa-Shin(played by Jo Jung Suk) is a famous news anchor. Pyo Na-ri has crushed on Lee Hwa-Shin for 3 years but things start to change when she meets Go Jung-Won(played by Go-Kyung-Pyo).

Oh My Ghost(2015)

Genre: Fantasy, Horror

IMDb rate:8/10

No of Episodes:16

oh my ghost Korean drama tells the story of Na Bong Sun(played by Park Bo-Young) who has a timid personality and is often scolded by his Chef(played by Jo Jung Suk) whom she has a crush on. She often sees ghosts thanks to an old Shaman. but one day she gets possessed by a lustful virgin ghost named Shin Soon-ae(played by Kim Seul-gi) who believes that by losing her virginity she would move to the afterlife.

You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin (2013)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

IMDb rate:7.3/10

No of Episodes:50

This drama tells the story of Lee Soon-Shin(played by IU) who struggles to become successful. After her father dies in an accident, her family starts having financial difficulties. Despite having all the difficulties, She tries to find her place in the world by becoming an actress. But is always laughed at and gets rejected in the auditions. But along the way, she is always supported by her mother and her best friend. This drama will tell you the importance of family and the true meaning of Sucess.


What is the next drama of Jo Jung Suk?

Jo Jung Suk is currently working on his next historical drama name Sejak and the female actress will be Shin Se Kyeong which will be released by tvN.

What are the best drama of Jo Jung Suk?

The best dramas of Jo Jung Suk are Hospital Playlist (2020), Hospital Playlist 2(2021), Two Cops, Jealousy Incarnate, Oh My Ghost and You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin (2013).

Who is jo jung-suk wife?

Jo Jung Suk is happily married to Gummy.

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