Ahn Eun Jin Movies and TV Shows

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Ahn Eun Jin Movies and TV Shows

Are you curious about Ahn Eun Jin Movies and TV Shows? Then, this blog will provide you with the latest information on her.

In, this blog, you will find all the dramas that she has appeared in. Let’s dive into her background and discover her journey.

She was born on May 6, 1991. She is best known for her role in The Good Bad Mother, Hospital Playlist, Strangers from Hell and The Owl.

In 2019, she won “The Unexpected Award” for her role in Strangers from Hell and also won the Best New Actress for the drama ‘Hospital Playlist’.

Ahn Eun-Jin Movies and TV Shows

Drama NameYearRoleIMDb
Lovers2023Yoon Gil Chae
Citizen of a Kind2023Ae Rim
Goodbye Earth2023volunteer
The Good Bad Mother2023Jo So-Yong8.4/10
The Witch’s Diner2021Jin Sun-mi7.3/10
More Than Friends2020Kim Young-hee6.7/10
The One and Only2021Pyo In-sook7.3/10
Hospital Playlist2020 Chu Min-ha8.8/10
Hospital Playlist 22021 Chu Min-ha8.8/10
Kingdom2019Moo Young’s Wife8.3/10
The Owl2022Jo So-yong6.6/10
Strangers from Hell2019So Jung-hwa7.8/10
Life2018Beauty clinic employee7.6/10

1. Lovers (2023)

Genre: Historical, Romance

Starring Naa Goong Min as Lee Jang Hun and Ahn Eun Jin as Yoon Gil Chae.

2. Citizen of a Kind (2023)

Genre: Comedy

Deok Hee(Played by Ra Min Ran) is an innocent lady who loses 10,000 dollars to a voice phishing scam. To recover her money, she takes help from Jae Min(Gong Myung), Bong Rim(Yeom Hye Ran) and Sookja(Played by Jang Yoon Ju) and chases after the voice phishing group.

3. Goodbye Earth (2023)

Genre: Novel, Drama

A group of scientist discovers that an asteroid will collide with Earth in 200 days which lead people to chaos.

Our Ahn Eun Jin will play the role of a volunteer at Ungcheon City Hall.

4. The Good Bad Mother (2023)

Genre: Comedy, Amnesia, Law

No of Episodes:14

Ahn Eun Jin and Lee Do Hyun appeared in this drama as the main characters.

After Jin Young-soon(Played by Ra Mi-ran) is murdered by Song Woo-Byeok(Played by Choi Moo-sung) settles in a new city with his son Choi Kang-ho(Played by Lee Do-hyun) and dreams of making his son a prosecutor so that he won’t end up like his father. Choi Kang-ho and Lee Mi-Joo (Played by Ahn Eun Jin) end up falling in love. In order to achieve his dream, Kang-ho leaves her after becoming a prosecutor.

5. The Witch’s Diner (2021)

Genre: Fantasy, Witch

No of Episodes:8

A story about a witch Jo Hee-ra(Played by Song Ji-hyo) who fulfils the wish of desperate people but in return they have to give something very valuable to her.

6. More Than Friends (2020)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

No of Episodes:16

Kyung Woo Yeon(Played by Shin Ye-eun) is an 18-year-old girl who has a crush on her friend Lee Soo (Played by Ong Seong-wu) also has a crush on her. Due to a misunderstanding, they never confess their feelings to each other and moves on with their life. Years later, Woo Yeon becomes a calligrapher while Lee Soo becomes a photographer.

While Ahn Eun Jin portrays the role of Kim Young-hee, a regular employee who is in a relationship with Hyun Jae for 10 years.

7. The One and Only (2021)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

No of Episodes:16

Pyo In-sook(Played by Ahn Eun Jin ) does not know what emotion to feel after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. She meets Min Woo-cheon(Played by Kim Kyung-nam) a hitman and they both become important to each other.

8. Hospital Playlist (2020)

Genre: Medical, Drama, Friendship

No of Episodes:12

A medical drama that tells the story of five best friends who are doctors and works at Yulje Medical Centre.

9. Hospital Playlist 2 (2021)

Genre: Comedy, Medical

No of Episodes:12

Chu Min-ha(Portrayed by Ahn Eun Jin) has a crush on Doctor Yang Seok-hyeong(Played by Kim Dae-Myung), an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynaecology.

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10. Life (2018)

Genre: Medical, Suspense

No of Episodes:16

Ye Jin-woo(Played by Lee Dong Wook) is a doctor with a warm heart at Sangkook University Hospital. While Goo Seung Hyo (Played by Cho Seung Woo) is the new CEO.

Ahn Eun Ji in The Owl (2022)

Genre: Historical, Drama

Run Time:1 hour 58 minutes.

Kyung-soo(Played by Ryu Jun-yeol) is a blind man with excellent acupuncture skills. He gets recognised for his skills and is invited to the palace by Lee Hyung-ik(Played by Choi Moo-sung). One day, he witnesses Crown Prince Sohyeon’s death with minimal vision. But sadly ends up putting his life at risk after witnessing the murder.

Ahn Eun Jin in Strangers From Hell

Ahn Eun Jin portrays the role of a policewoman who has a degree in engineering

The drama tells the story of  Yoon Jong-woo(Played by Im Si-wan) a writer in his 20s, who moves to Seoul after his friend offers him a job. He starts living at a cheap hostel- Eden Gosiwon but strange things starts to happen there

Ahn Eun Jin in Kingdom

She portrays the role of Moo Young’s Wife.

A rumour starts in the kingdom that the King has suffered from smallpox and died. As his son Lee Chang(Played by Ju Ji-hoon) tries to uncover the truth, he discovers that the king has been treated by the physician with a flower that turned him into a zombie.

Ahn Eun Jin’s Instagram Feeds

Ahn Eun Jin Movies and TV Shows

You might be surprised to know that she has more than 1 million followers.

She has gained more popularity after playing the role of Lee Mi-Joo in the hit drama The Good Bad Mother. She has some interesting upcoming dramas that will be coming in 2023. So stay tuned.

Here is her Instagram account-@eunjin___a


Who is Ahn Eun-Jin Brother?

Ahn Dae Myung is her younger brother

What is Ahn Eun Jin Age?

32 years(6 May 1991)

Who is Ahn Eun Jin Boyfriend?

She is single right now and is currently working on her upcoming projects.

Is Ahn Eun Jin married?

No, she is not married yet.

How old is Ahn Eun Jin?

She is 32 years and was born on 6 May 1991

How tall is Ahn Eun Jin?

1.68m (5.5 inches)

What is Ahn Eun Jin Agency?

United Artist Agency. She has been active from 2011 to the present.

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