9 Ji Sung K-Dramas For Every K-Drama Fan

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Ji Sung K-Dramas

Are you looking for the best Ji Sung K-Dramas? Then, this blog is the right place

Ji Sung was born on 27 February 1977. In, 2017 he got the best Drama actor for his role in “Defendant “.He is one of those actors who will make you fall in love with any character he plays. Ji Sung’s parents were both educators and wanted him to become an educator too but he followed a different path and studied acting at Hanyang University.

Check out the 9 Best Ji Sung K-Dramas

I have watched all of Ji Sung K-Dramas and listed the best ones with the highest ratings.

1. Adamas(2022)

Genre: Investigation, Revenge

IMDb rate:7.1/10

No of Episodes:16

This is ji sung latest drama and this drama tells the story of two twin brother Ha Woo Shin is a writer while Song Soo Hyun is a prosecutor(both played by Ji Sung) trying to find the main culprit who accused his biological father of killing their stepfather. They both try to uncover the main culprit but find that the culprit is a powerful person. This drama is very intense and you will be indulged in this once, you start watching this drama.

2. The Devil Judge(2021)

Genre: Corruption, Law

IMDb rate:8.3/10

No of Episodes:16

The Devil Judge is a story about Law and punishing the corrupted and lawbreakers. Kang Yo-han(played by Ji Sung) plays the role of a judge and tries to build a live courtroom where he punishes the criminal in front of live TV. This drama has a very interesting and unique concept and will keep you on the hook till the last episode.

3. Doctor John

Genre: Medical

IMDb rate:8.1/10

No of Episodes:16

This drama tells the story of a doctor name Cha Yo-han(played by Ji Sung) who is a very skilled anesthesiologist and can diagnose his patient just by looking at them. Despite being so talented he lacks being socially approachable by his colleagues and is considered arrogant by most people. This drama will show you all the medical cases that they solve and also how corporate politics affects employees.

4. Defendant

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

IMDb rate:8.1/10

No of Episodes:18

This drama tells the story of Park Jung-Woo(played by Ji Sung) a prosecutor who is living a normal life but suddenly one day he wakes up and finds himself in prison and unable to remember the reason. He suffers from temporary amnesia but tries to uncover the truth before his time is up.

5. Kill Me Heal Me

Genre: Comedy, Romance

IMDb rate:8.3/10

No of Episodes:20

This drama tells the story of Cha Do Hyun(played by Ji-sung) who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and has 7 different personalities after having a traumatic childhood. He then gets treated by a psychiatrist name Oh Ri-Jin(played by Hwang Jung-eum) and later they both try to uncover the reason behind his illness and plan to treat him.

6. Secret (2013)

Genre: Melodrama

IMDb rate:8/10

No of Episodes:16

This drama tells the story of a rich businessman Jo-Min-Hyuk(played by Ji Sung) who believes that his girlfriend Kang Yoo Jung(played by Hwang Jung-eum0 is killed by her stepsister and tries to manipulate and control her by keeping her as his secretary.

7. Familiar Wife (2018)

Genre: TimeTravel, Romance

IMDb rate:7.6/10

No of Episodes:16

This drama tells the story of Cha Joo-Hyuk(played by Ji Sung) who works in a bank and is married to Seo Woo-Jin(played by Han Ji Min). They are both married for five years but are not happy with each other and fight every day. One day, Cha Joo-Hyuk travels back in time in a strange incident and tries to change his future by marrying someone else.

8. The Great Seer

Genre: Political

IMDb rate:7.7/10

No of Episodes:35

This drama is set during the Goryeo dynasty when kings are advised and controlled by other powerful people. This drama tells about a fortune teller and a strategist who tries to help the king by guiding him to be in control despite facing many challenges.

9. Royal Family

Genre: Romance

IMDb rate:7.8/10

No of Episodes:18

The Royal family tells the stories of a wealthy family who runs a big Korean conglomerate. This drama focuses on a family who tries to run over power and the dark secrets that exist within the family and how the younger son tries to take over the company by using unethical means.

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Why is Ji Sung so popular?

Ji Sung is famous for his role in Kill Me Heal Me, Familiar Wife. Despite being 46 years he is still South Korea’s best actor.

What is the new drama of Ji Sung?

Adamas is the latest drama of Ji Sung where he played the role of twin brothers and the story revolves around Ji Sung trying to prove the innocence of his biological father.

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