Jo Byeong-gyu Movies and TV Shows

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Jo Byeong-gyu Movies and TV Shows

Are you a fan of K-Dramas and looking for Jo Byeong-gyu Movies and TV Shows? Then, you are at the right place.

Jo Byeong-gyu was born on April 23, 1996. He is known for his roles in The Uncanny Counter, Hot Stove League and Sky Castle.

In, this blog, you are going to explore all the dramas that he has appeared in and also discover some of his stories.

For his role in The Uncanny Counter, which was released on Netflix and was the highest-rated OCN drama, he received the Rising Star Award at the Asia Model Awards and also won the Award as the Best New Actor for the drama Hot Stove League at the SBS Drama Awards.

Jo Byeong-gyu Movies and TV Shows Overview

Drama NameYearRoleIMDb
The Uncanny Counter 22023So Moon
History of Losers2023Seo Min Ki
Even If I Die Once Again2022Jeon Woo Seok
Hurrah for Independence2021Reality Show8.1/10
The Uncanny Counter2020So Moon8/10
He is Psychometric2019young Sung-mo7.7/10
Hot Stove League2019 Han Jae-hee8.3/10
Naturally2019Go Hoon-Jung7.9/10
Time2018Kim Bok-kyu7.2/10
SKY Castle2018Cha Ki-joon8.6/10
Dokgo Rewind2018Kim Jong-ilByung Gyu
Radio Romance2018Go Hoon-jung6.7/10
Money Flower2017Kang Pil-joo7.6/10
Beautiful Mind2016Go Hoon-Jung7.7/10
Girls’ Generation 19792017Lee Bong-soo7.4/10
Age of Youth 22017Jo Chung Hwan [Ji Won’s junior]8.4/10
The Sensible Life of Director Shin2017Byung gyu7.6/10

1. The Uncanny Counter Season 2: CounterPunch (2023)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

A group of Counters are set on a task to catch the spirits who have come from the afterlife to earth.

2. History of Losers (2023)

Genre: Comedy, Friendship

A Romantic comedy-drama that shows the miserable side of people. Starring Jo Byeong-gyu as Seo Min Ki, Song Ha Yoon and Jong Ji Woo.

3. Even If I Die Once Again (2022)

Genre: Accident, Drama

Jeon Woo Seok(Played by Jo Byeong-gyu) is a hardworking stuntman who dreams of becoming a successful actor. A mysterious accident causes him to time-travel back to his school days and gives him a chance to think about his dream.

4. Hurrah for Independence (2021)

Genre: Variety Show

No of Episodes:4

A Reality Show that will present the lives of Five celebrities who have never lived alone

5. The Uncanny Counter (2020)

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

No of Episodes:16

Adapted from the Webtoon. This drama tells the story of 4 demon hunters known as Counters who have the responsibility to catch the evil spirits who have escaped from the afterlife.

6. Hot Stove League (2019)

Genre: Sports, Drama

No of Episodes:16

After the manager of a loser baseball team steps down. The team hires Baek Seung-soo(Played by Namkoong Min) as the new General Manager. In the past, he has led, Ice Hockey, and Wresball Teams into teams but does not have experience with baseball.

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7. Naturally (2019)

Genre: Reality Show

No of Episodes:43

A Reality Show that presents the lives of different lives in the Countryside.

8. Time (2018)

Genre: Tragedy, Romance

No of Episodes:16

After ruining the life of a woman, Cheon Soo-Ho(Played by Kim Jung-Hyun) CEO of a restaurant is diagnosed with a terminal illness and does all possible ways to help that woman before he passes away.

9. Dokgo Rewind (2018)

Genre: Action, Crime, Gangster

No of Episodes:4

This drama is based on the webtoon “Dokgo”

Jo Byeong-gyu portrays the role of Cha Ki-Joon who uses the pen as a weapon against his enemy.

10. Radio Romance (2018)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

No of Episodes:16

A drama about Song Geu-rim (Played by Kim So-Hyun) who always wanted to be a writer but since she lacks the skills, she is put to become an assistant writer. An incident causes her only show to be cancelled and she decided to cast Ji Soo-ho (Played Yoon Doo-Joon) a top star.

11. Money Flower (2017)

Genre: Corruption, Hidden identity. Law

No of Episodes:24

Kang Pil-joo (Played by Jang Hyuk)is a managing Director at Cheong-A Group. He is known for his excellent performance and intelligence and is envied by many people.

12. Beautiful Mind (2016)

Genre: Medical, Romance, Serial Killer

No of Episodes:14

The drama is inspired by the novel Frankenstein.

Lee Young-oh(Played by Jang Hyuk) is a genius neurosurgeon at Hyunsung Hospital who does not feel empathy.

13. Girls’ Generation 1979 (2017)

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Youth

No of Episodes:8

It Stars Lee Jung-hee as Bona, Chae Seo-jin as Park Hye-Joo and Jo Byeong-kyu as Lee Bong-soo, Jung-hee’s brother.

14. Age of Youth 2 (2017)

Genre: Comedy, Friendship, Mystery

No of Episodes:14

This drama is about 5 girls who share a place known as Belle Époque. A year has passed after Hello, My Twenties 1. Finally, everyone is settled with a job, some are trying to get a boyfriend while some are getting over their breakup.

15. The Sensible Life of Director Shin (2017)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Webseries

No of Episodes:8

A mini web series that stars Han Il Kyu as Director Shin, Yoon So Mi as So Mi and Jo Byeong-gyu as Byung Gyu

Jo Byeong-gyu Movies

  • School Caste (2022)
  • There is an Alien Here (2021)
  • Miss & Mrs Cops (2019)
  • Idol (2019)
  • Life Risking Romance (2016)
  • Fantasy Of The Girls (2018)

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Jo Byeong-gyu Movies and TV Shows

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Jo Byeong-gyu in the Sky Castle

Genre: Family, School

No of Episodes:20

He portrays the role of  Cha Ki-Joon. He has a habit of playing tricks on Ye-seo and dislikes the way his father teaches.

A drama about the lives of housewives who desire to make their husbands successful and get their children into top universities.

Jo Byeong-gyu’s role in He Is Psychometric

Genre: Fantasy, Suspense

No of Episodes:16

He portrays the character of young Sung-mo who has a cold personality but deeply cares for Lee Ahn and others around him. He works as a special investigation unit prosecutor and legal guardian of Lee Ahn.

Lee Ahn (Played by Park Jin-young) acquires the power of reading people’s past by touching them after a fire kills his parents. He decides to use this power to catch criminals. Together, with the help prosecutor of Kang Sung-mo (Played by Kim Kwon) and investigator Eun Ji-soo (Played by Kim Da-som). They work together to solve some unusual cases.

What happened to Byeong Gyu?

News surrounded on February 2021, claiming that Jo Byeong-gyu was a former bully in his school. The news had a negative impact on his career and he was suspended from all his upcoming projects but in July 2021, the police found out that it was fake news.


How old is Jo Byeong Kyu?

27 years. Born on 23 April 1996.

Jo Byung-gyu age?

He is 27 years old.

What is Jo Byung Gyu upcoming drama?

1. The Uncanny Counter Season 2: CounterPunch (2023)
2. History of Losers (2023)
3. Even If I Die Once Again (2023)

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