Jung Eun Chae Kdramas

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Jung Eun Chae Kdramas

Jung Eun Chae was born on November 24, 1986 (age 36 Years). She is best known for her roles in The King: Eternal Monarch, Anna and Nobody’s Daughter Haewon.

In this blog, We will Look into Jung Eun Chae Kdramas and gain some insights into her personal Life.

After spending 8 years living in London, she came to Korea and under her older Brother’s (Who works in a production company) influence, she choose acting as a profession. She first started as a model and chose to use Jung Eun-chae as a stage name but her real name is Jung Sol-mi.

She made her acting debut in the Science action movie ‘Haunters’, where she played the role of Yeong-sook, who wants to become a flight attendant. The movie received an IMDb rate of 6.1/10 and it is quite a decent movie to watch.

Not only, she excels in acting but in 2013, she also composed an Indie Folk song. In the same year, for her role in the drama “Nobody’s Daughter Haewon”, she won “Best Actress” at the 22nd Buil Film Awards.

Jung Eun-Chae Drama List Overview

Drama NameYearRoleIMDb
Maybe We Broke Up2023Ah Young6.8/10
Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Kum2008Guest Role6.8/10
Pachinko2022Kyunghee 8.3/10
Anna2022Lee Hyeon-ju7.5/10
L.U.C.A.: The Beginning2021Director Jung6.5/10
The King: Eternal Monarch2020Koo Seo-Ryeong 8.1/10
Return2018Geum Na-ra7.3/10
The Guest2018Kang Gil-young8.1/10
Women in Our House2011Go-Eun-Nim7.2/10

Jung Eun-Chae TV Shows

1. Maybe We Broke Up (2023)

Genre: Romance, Drama

Ah Young(Played by Jung Eun-Chae) and Joon Ho(Played by Lee Dong Hwi) are a couple who have been bestfriends in college. They break up and go in their separate ways. Later, Ah Yeong works as a realtor while Junhoo works in his friend’s shop.

2. Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Kum (2008)

Genre: Family, Romance

No of Episodes: 52

Bae Jong-ok(Played by Park Jung-geum) is a single divorce mother, raising her son. She works as a detective who arrests criminals. She gets stuck in a love triangle between two men-a lawyer and a bachelor doctor who knows her since elementary.

3. Pachinko (2022)

Genre: Historical, Mini-Series

No of Episodes: 8

The drama is based on a fiction novel which was written by Min Jin Lee. The story is about a Korean immigrant family who leaves their homeland and wanders to survive.

4. Anna (2022)

Genre: Suspense, Mini-Series, Thriller

No of Episodes: 6

Yoo Mi(Played by Bae Suzy) tells a small lie and starts to live with someone else. While Jung Eun-Chae portrays the role of Yoo Mi’s boss, who is the owner of the Gallery Representative.

5. L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (2021)

Genre: Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Mystery

No of Episodes: 12

Zi O (Played by Kim Rae-won) has a supernatural power but does not remember his past. He is searched by various people and goes on a quest to find answers related to his past. Gu Reum(Lee-Da-Hee) is a detective who seeks to find her parents who disappeared when she was young. She meets Zi O and her life changes.

6. The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Detective

No of Episodes: 16

Lee Gon(Played by Lee Min Ho) is an emperor in the modern day who discovers an alternate world, where the Republic of Korea exists instead of his kingdom. When he was a child, his father got murdered in front of him and comes across Jeong Tae-eul’s (Played by Kim Go-Eun) identity card.

7. Return (2018)

Genre: Legal, Drama

No of Episodes: 34

Park Jin-hee (Played by Choi Ja-hye) the famous female lawyer in the country picks a murder case where the four suspects are from a powerful background. She takes the case and defends Kang In-ho(Played by Park Ki-Woong) who was having an affair with the victim but argued with her before her the murder took place.

8. The Guest (2018)

Genre: Horror, Investigation, Suspense

No of Episodes: 16

This drama tells the story of Yoon Hwa-Pyung(Played by Kim Dong-Wook) from a shaman family who also can see ghosts. After a series of events, he gets possessed by an evil spirit while Kang Gil-young(Played by Jung Eun-Chae) is a dedicated detective who does not believe in ghosts.

9. Women in Our House (2011)

Genre: Family, Drama

No of Episodes: 125

A drama that tells the romantic story of young people. Go Eun Nim(Portrayed by Jung Eun-Chae) works at a part-time job and looks after her family.

Jung Eun Chae Movies

  • The Great Battle
  • Ode To The Goose
  • The King 2017
  • The Table (2017)
  • Dr Frost
  • The Fatal Encounter
  • Behind the Camera
  • Horror Stories
  • Haunters

Jung Eun-Chae instagram Feeds

She is very much active on Instagram and shares a lot of her daily life. She has more than 432K Followers and I hope that the followers will keep increasing in the coming days.


Jung Eun Chae Kdramas

Jung Eun Chae speaking English

If, you are wondering whether she speaks English or not. Then, I must tell you that she has spent 8 years living in London. So, English would be a natural thing to learn. Well, she is good at acting, but having extra skills like speaking English sounds cool.

Jung Eun-Chae and Lee min ho Dramas together

Jung Eun-Chae has done many dramas and movies but with Lee Min Hoo, she has done only two dramas and they are

  • Pachinko
  • The King: Eternal Monarch
Jung Eun Chae Kdramas

In Pachinko, she portrays the role of Kyunghee, the wife of Yoseb and becomes best buddies with Sunja after meeting her in Japan.

While In The King: Eternal Monarch, she is the youngest and first female prime minister of Corea. Her family runs a fish cake shop. But had a hard time because of her drunkard father. Her hard work and dedication led her to become an announcer and marry Chairman Choe of KU Group but later got divorced. Her goal does not end here and dreams of becoming the queen of the Kingdom of Corea.

Wrapping Up

I hope that this blog on Jung Eun Chae Kdramas was quite helpful.

Now, I want you to comment on your best drama or movie of Jung Eun Chae.

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How tall is Jung Eun Chae?

Jung Eun Chae is 5.7 inch.

Is Jung Eun-Chae Married?

No, Jung Eun-Chae is not married yet.

Does Jung Eun Chae speak English?

Yes, she speaks English very well. Because she has lived 8 years in London.

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