7 Kim Bum Dramas: Experience the Irresistible Charm of a Rising Heartthrob

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Kim Bum Dramas

If you have recently watched Tailed of the Nine-Tailed 1938, then you must already know how good actor Kim Bum is. He made his acting debut in the 2006 television drama “Rude Women” but rose to fame in the drama”Boys over Flowers” where he won the Best New Actor Award. In an interview, he said that he does not want to be in Romantic roles instead he prefers other genre roles.

Check out the 7 Best kim bum dramas

1. Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (2023)

Genre: Time travel. Comedy, Revenge

IMDb rate:9.7/10

No of Episodes:12

This is the most awaited and famous kim bum new drama. It tells the story of Lee Yeon(Dong Wook Lee) who runs into 1938 due to an incident and surprisingly finds his brother Lee Rang(Kim Bum) there who was dead in the present timeline. But Lee Yeon gets stuck and can only return after a month. So, he decides to spend those time with his brother. But Cheon Mu-young (Ryoo Kyung-soo) is the one who made him come to 1938 as he killed his brother and now he seeks revenge.

2. The Ghost Doctor (2022)

Genre: Comedy, Medical, Supernatural

IMDb rate:7.9/10

No of Episodes:16

This drama tells the story of Cha Young-min(Ji Hoon Jung) a skilled and popular doctor in Myung-shin Hospital who meets an accident and goes into a coma and his soul keeps wandering out. One day he meets Go Seung-tak(Kim Bum) a new resident at the same Hospital but has a wealthy background. His grandfather is the founder of Myung-shin Hospital while his mother is the chairman of the hospital. Go Seung-tak is very good at memorizing notes and terminologies but has no practical experience. The reason is that he can see ghosts and later Cha Young-min’s soul goes into his body and starts to operate on the patients.

3. Law School (2021)

Genre: Drama, Law, Mystery

IMDb rate:8/10

No of Episodes:16

This drama tells the story of law students studying in Korea’s top law school. Yang Joong Hoon(Kim Myung-Min) is a criminal law professor and also a former prosecutor. Han Joon Hwi(Kim Bum) is a first-year student in the law school. He is smart and always top in the class. A law school professor gets killed during the mock trial class and Yang Joong Hoon gets arrested. Han Joon Hwi and other fellow students work together to prove the innocence of Professor Yang Joon.

4. Tale of the Nine-Tailed(2020)

Genre: Resurrection, Fantasy

IMDb rate:7.9/10

No of Episodes:16

Out of all the dramas, I find this to be the best kim bum korean drama. It tells the story of Lee Yeon(Dong Wook Lee) who was a former Guardian Mountain God several centuries ago. But leaves the mountain for his love Yi Ah-mum (Jo Bo-ah) and waits for her reincarnation. At present, he works with Taluipa(an agent in the afterlife immigration office) to eradicate supernatural beings who disturbed mortal beings. He has a half-brother Lee Rang(Kim Bum) who has a grudge against his brother as he tried to kill him centuries ago and is always looking for ways to fight with him.

5. Mrs Cop (Season 2,2016)

Genre: Detective, Investigation

IMDb rate:7.4

No of Episodes:20

This drama tells the story of a female cop Koo Yung-Jung who has returned to Korea after 6 years, where she trained with the FBI and is assigned as a leader of the Crime squad team. During a murder case, she meets CEO Lee Ro-Joon(Kim Bum) of El Capital as the prime suspect.

6. Hidden Identity (2015)

Genre: Criminal, Investigation

IMDb rate:6.6/10

No of Episodes:16

Hidden Identity tells the story of an undercover investigation team, who works to eliminate crimes. Jang Moo-Won(Park Sung-Woon) leader of the team runs the undercover team. In order to catch the criminal, they remain non-existent and go in disguise to catch the criminals. Cha Geon-Woo(Kim Bum), a former ROKN Seal who is on revenge after his girlfriend’s death.

7. Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Genre: Comedy, Friendship

IMDb rate:7.8

No of Episodes:25

When we are talking about Kim Bum drama, how can we forget about Boys Over Flowers This drama was the most popular drama of Kim Bum. It tells the story of the most powerful and notorious group in the school called F4. Gu Jun-Pyo(Lee Min Ho) is the leader of the group and heir to the Shinhwa group and So Yi-Jeong(Kim Bum) is a skilled potter whose family owns the biggest art museum in Korea. One day, Geum Jan-di(Ku Hye-Sun) whose family runs a small dry cleaning shop, saves a boy from suicide and in return she gets a swimming scholarship and attends the school.


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What is the new drama of Kim Bum?

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 is the new drama of Kim Bum released on May 6, 2023 where he plays the role of Lee Rang half brother of Lee Yeon(Dong Wook Lee)

Will Kim Bum be in Season 2?

Yes, definitely, although he dies in Tale of the Nine-tailed Season 1, he is reunited with his brother Le Yeon(Dong Wook Lee) who travels back to 1938.

Is Kim Bum a good actor?

Yes, he won the Best New Actor for his role at the 2009 MBC Award for his role-So Yi-Jeong in “Boys Over Flowers.”

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