Kim Dae-Myung Movies and TV Shows

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Kim Dae-Myung Movies and TV Shows

Kim Dae-Myung was born on February 16, 1981. He is famous for appearing in dramas such as Misaeng: Incomplete Life and Hospital Playlist and 2.

In this blog, we are going to dive into Kim Dae-Myung Movies and TV Shows

In 2015, he won the Excellence Award, Actor for Misaeng: Incomplete Life at the 8th Korea Drama Awards and also won Hot Issue Variety Award at the 15th KBS Entertainment Awards for “The Sound of Your Heart.”

Kim Dae-Myung Movies and TV Shows

Drama NameYearRoleIMDb
Hospital Playlist2020Yang Seok-hyeon8.8/10
Amazing Saturday2018Yang Seok-Hyeon8.9/10
Sound of Your Heart2016Cho Jun8.2/10
Three Meals a Day: Doctors2021Kim Dae-Myung8.7/10
Hospital Playlist 22021Kim dae-Myung8.7/10
Misaeng: Incomplete Life2014Yang Seok-Hyeon8.5/10
The Target2014Jang Gyu-ho6.2/10
The Fatal Encounter2014Kang Yong-hwi6.8/10
Tazza: The Hidden Card2014 Billiards hall owner6.8/10
The Terror Live2013Park Shin-woo 7.1/10
Stone Skipping2020Seok Goo7.7/10
The Golden Holiday2020Hwang Man-Cheol5.4/10
The Exclusive : Beat the Devil’s Tattoo2015Han Seung-woo6.4/10
The Beauty Inside2015Woo-Jin7.3/10
The Last Princess2016Kim Bong-guk7.1/10
The Drug King2018Lee Doo-hwan6.2/10
Golden Slumber2018Dong-Gyu5.9/10
Alienoid2022Thunder (voice)6.2/10

Kim Dae-Myung Movies

1. The Target (2014)

Genre: Action, Thriller

Run Time:1 hour and 38 minutes

It tells the story of a former mercenary Yeo-hoon(Played by Ryu Seung-ryong) who gets framed for the murder of a CEO.

2. The Fatal Encounter (2014)

Genre: Historical, Political, Suspense

Run Time:2 hours and 16 minutes

King Jeongjo(Played by Hyun Bin) is a peaceful man who lives in the palace. In order to protect himself, he prepares himself for possible attacks by training himself alone in the palace, He does not trust anyone except for royal court servant Gap-soo, also known as the king’s shadow.

3. Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014)

Genre: Action, Crime, Revenge

Run Time:2 hours and 27 minutes

Ham Dae-Gil (Played by Choi Seung-Hyun) is a young man born with a natural talent for gambling. He enters a game and meets his first love but loses all his money. Later finds out that he was cheated and plans to get revenge.

4. The Terror Live (2013)

Genre: Political, Revenge, Suspense

Run Time:1 hour and 38 minutes

Yoon Young-Hwa (Played by Ha Jung-woo) currently works at a radio show but was once a top news anchor. One day he gets a mysterious call during his radio show, threatening to blow up the mapo bridge. He assumes it to be a prank call but 10 minutes later, the bridge blows off.

The terrorist says that he is one of the construction workers and demands an apology from the president for the death of his coworkers.

5. Stone Skipping (2020)

Genre: Friendship, Life

Run Time:1 hour and 47 minutes

Seok Goo(Played by Kim Dae-Myung) is a 30-year-old man who has the mind of an 8-year-old boy. He runs a rice mill in the village. One day, he sees a girl named Eun Ji, who is mistaken to be a pickpocket. Seok Goo helps her by clearing the misunderstanding.

6. The Golden Holiday (KR 2020)

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Detective

Run Time:1 hour and 45 minutes

On his 10 anniversary, Hong Byeong-soo(Played by Kwak Do-won) plans to take his family to the Philippines but with a hidden intention to find out about his old friend Yong-bae, who scammed him years ago.

However, he is framed for murder in Manila and takes help from a tour guide Hwang Man-Cheol(Played by Kim Dae-Myung)

7. The Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo (2015)

Genre: Investigation, Thriller, Crime

Run Time:2 hours and 5 minutes

Heo Moo-hyeok(Played by Jo Jung-Suk) is a journalist at channel CNBS. He has a wife Soo Jin(Played by Lee Ha-na) but they are on the verge of divorce.

A series of murders starts happening in Seoul and the killer is extremely smart and does not leave any evidence but leaves a trace of a strange red car.

8. The Beauty Inside (2015)

Genre: Romance, Supernatural

Run Time:2 hours and 6 minutes

A supernatural genre that tells the story of Woo-Jin. On his 18 birthday, he wakes up and finds himself in a new body. He works as a furniture designer and meets Yi-soo(Played by Han Hyo-Joo) and falls in love with her. He asks her on a date but has a fear inside that he will change as soon as he falls asleep.

9. The Last Princess (2016)

Genre: Historical, True Story

Run Time:2 hours and 6 minutes

In 1925, When Korea was under Japanese Colonial rule. Princess Deok Hye(Played by Son Ye-jin) the last princess of Korea is forced to move to Japan. Kim Jang-han(Played by Park Hae-il ), a fighter for Korean independence, is tasked to bring Deok Hye back.

10. Pandora (2016)

Genre: Corruption, Disaster, Drama

Run Time:2 hours and 15 minutes

Jae-hyeok(Playe by Kim Nam-Gil) is a young man who works at a nuclear power plant. He lives with his sister-in-law, mother and nephew but lost his brother and father to the same nuclear power plant.

One day, an earthquake causes the old pipes in the nuclear power plant to break and hydrogen gas explodes.

11. The Drug King (2018)

Genre: Crime, Historical

Run Time:2 hours and 18 minutes

In the 1970s, Lee Doo-sam (Played by Lee Hwang-soon) smuggled diamonds, gold and watches to overseas and eventually dives into the business of drugs and later builds the biggest drug empire.

12. Golden Slumber (2018)

Genre: Serial Killer, Political

Run Time:1 hour and 48 minutes

Kim Gun-woo(Played by Gang Dong-won) is a hardworking courier guy. Once he saved a singer from robbery, which earned him the Model Citizen award.

One day, his old friend Moo-yeol(Played by Yoon Kye-sang) comes to visit him at work and Gun-woo witnesses the death of the presidential candidate by a bomb and gets framed for the incident.

Kim Dae-Myung TV Shows

1. Hospital Playlist (2020)

Genre: Medical, Comedy

No of Episodes:12

A Medical drama about 5 friends working at the same hospital named Yulje Medical Centre

2. Amazing Saturday (2018)

Genre: Reality Show, Food, Comedy

No of Episodes:269

A reality show where different celebrities will play games and win in order to enjoy the food.

3. Sound of Your Heart (2016)

Genre: Sitcom, Comedy

No of Episodes:10

Jo Seok(Played by Lee Kwang-soo) is a webtoon artist who lives with his family. He has an older brother Jo Joon(Played by Kim Dae-Myung) who works at an entertainment company.

4. Three Meals a Day: Doctors (2021)

Genre: Variety Show, Comedy

No of Episodes:9

A reality Show where the cast of Hospital Playlist-Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Kim Dae Myung will be going to the countryside, renting a room and cooking their own meals.

5. Hospital Playlist 2 (2021)

Genre: Medical, Comedy

No of Episodes:12

This is the second season of Hospital Playlist which will show different aspects of what happens after season 1.

6. Misaeng: Incomplete Life (2014)

Genre: Business, Work

No of Episodes: 20

Jang Geu-Rae (Played by Im Si-wan) is a baduk player but fails to become a professional baduk player. He enters the corporate world with his GED high school diploma by the recommendation of an acquaintance.

He gets assigned to Oh Sang-shik team (Played by Lee Sung-min) who is known to be a workaholic.

Do they actually play instruments in Hospital Playlist?

Yes, they did. In fact, in an interview, Jeon Mi Do said that she started practising in the summer in order to really looked like a band in those band scenes.

Kim Dae-Myung in Alienoid

Guard and Thunder are a team who has the job of travelling to different timelines and extracting the alien from its host. During their mission, they find a baby and raise the baby and named her Yian.

Kim Dae-Myung plays the role of Thunders’s voice. He does not appear in the movie as he only gave his voice.

The movie had a half-ending, so there will definitely be a second part

Kim Dae-Myung instagram feeds

Kim Dae-Myung Movies and TV Shows

He has more than 500K followers

Does Kim Dae Myung play the piano?

Yes. Kim Dae Myung who played the role of Yang Seok-hyeon, actually learned to play piano in the spring before the filming began.

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What is Kim Myung Dae age?

42 years(16 February 1981)

Who is Kim Dae Myung Wife?

He is not married yet.

What is Kim Dae Myung Height?

1.8m(5.9 inch in feet)

Is Kim Dae-Myung Married?

No, he is not. While giving an interview in 2015, he said that he wanted to meet at a good time and start a family.

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