Kim Hee Ae Movies and TV Shows

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Kim Hee Ae Movies and TV Shows

Kim Hee Ae is known for dramas in The World of the Married, Secret Affair, Perfect Love, My Husband’s Woman, How Long I’ve Kissed and Secret Affair.

In this blog, we are going to explore Kim Hee Ae Movies and TV Shows that she has appeared in so far.

She was born on April 23, 1967, and majored in Theaters and Films and made her first debut in 1982 by working as a model for a School uniform brand. In the year 1983, she made her breakthrough in the drama The First Day of the Twentieth Year

In 2014, she became one of 50 catholic celebrities to appear in a music video “Koinonia” to commemorate ‘Pope Francis’

Kim Hee Ae Movies and TV Shows Overview

Drama NameYearRolesIMDb
Whirlwind2024Jung Soo Jin
Queenmaker2023Hwang Do-hee7.6/10
The Moon2023Moon Young
The Dinner2023Main Role
Paik’s Spirit2021Reality Show6.8/10
The World of the Married2020Ji Seon-u8/10
Second to Last Love2016Mrs Cop7.3/10
Mrs. Cop2015Kang Min-Joo7.5/10
Secret Love Affair2014Oh Hye-won7.9/10
Noonas Over Flowers2013Reality Show8/10
A Wifes Credentials2012Yoon Seo Rae7.9/10
Midas2011Yoo In-Hye7.4/10
Snow Flower2006Lee Kang-ae6.7/10

Kim Hee Ae TV Shows

1. Whirlwind (2024)

Genre: Political, WebSeries

Whirlwind tells the story of Park Dong Ho(Played by Sol Kyung Gu) who wants to take down the corrupt president

Jung Soo Jin(Played by Kim Hee Ae) is the deputy chief minister for economic affairs.

2. The Moon (2023)

Genre: Sci-Fi

A strange incident causes Sun-woo(Played by Doh Kyung-soo) a space crew member to be left stranded on the moon. While Dr Kim(Played by Sol Kyung-gu). a former managing director tries to bring him back.

3. The Dinner (2023)

Genre: Investigation, Mystery, Novel

The Dinner Kdrama tells the story of two brothers and their wives who discovers a hidden secret.

4. Paik’s Spirit (2021)

Genre: Documentary, Food

No of Episodes:6

A reality show where Culinary Researcher Baek introduces Korean alcohol and culture to different celebrities and talks about life.

5. The World of the Married (2020)

Genre: Betrayal, Family, Revenge

No of Episodes:17

Ji Seon-u (Played by Kim Hee-ae) is a doctor who works at Family Love Hospital in Gosan, South Korea. She is married to Lee Tae-oh (Park Hae-Joon), director of the same hospital. They both have a happy married life and have a son Lee Jun-yeong (Played by Jeon Jin-seo). Everything is going well until she finds out that her husband is having an affair.

6. Second to Last Love (2016)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

No of Episodes:20

This drama is about Kim Hee-ae who portrays the role of executive producer at SBC Broadcasting.

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7. Mrs Cop (2015)

Genre: Crime, Action

No of Episodes:18

Choi Young-Jin (Played by Kim Hee-ae) is a female detective who is known to handle brutal crimes.

8. Secret Love Affair (2014)

Genre: Melodrama

No of Episodes:16

Lee Sun-Jae (Played by Yoo Ah-in) is a 20-year-old guy who is brilliant at playing pianist but comes from a poor background. In order to manage his expenses he works as a delivery guy. His life changes when he meets Oh Hye-won (Played by Kim Hee-ae) a 40-year-old woman who is the director of Seohan Arts Foundation. She recognises Lee Sun-Jae’s talent and gives him a chance to perform but on the way, they both begin a love affair.

9. Noonas Over Flowers (2013)

Genre: Variety Show, Comedy

No of Episodes:10

A Reality Show about 4 celebrities Youn Yuh-Jung, Kim Ja-ok, Kim Hee-ae, Lee Mi-Yeon and Lee Seung-gi who travels to Turkey and Croatia.

10. A Wifes Credentials (2012)

Genre: Drama

No of Episodes:16

A drama about a housewife who starts having an affair with a young neighbour.

11. Midas (2011)

Genre: Business, Drama

No of Episodes:21

Midas tells the story of Kim Do-Hyun (Played by Jang Hyuk) a smart and intelligent guy whose father left him when he was a child. His mother raised him in hardship and finally, he enters the top law school in the country, but his mother dies as he starts studying in law school. Years later, he is hired as an attorney by the rich Yoo family and his life starts to get ruined as greed takes over him.

12. Snow Flower (2006)

Genre: Romance, Drama

No of Episodes:16

Yoo Da-mi (Played by Go Ara) was raised by her grandmother after her father left her mom. Her mother Lee Kang-ae (Played by Kim Hee-ae) is always busy with her work and is known to be a best-selling author. One day, she gets a call from her father Yoo Geon-hee (played by Lee Jae-ryong). He tells her that her mother lied to her about his whereabouts. She decides to rebel against her mother by not going to college and instead auditioning for a role in a movie that was taken from Kang-ae’s novels.

Kim Hee-Ae Movies

  • Moonlit Winter
  • The Vanished
  • Her Story (2018)
  • C’est Si Bon
  • Thread of Lies

Kim Hee Ae in Queen Maker

Genre: Law, Business, Political

No of Episodes:11

Hwang Do-hee(Played by Kim Hee Ae) is a highly skilled woman in strategic planning at Eunsung Group. She decides to help Kyung-sook (Played by Moon So-ri) a lawyer of human rights to become the mayor of Seoul.

Kim Hee-Ae Instagram Feeds

Kim Hee Ae Movies and TV Shows

She seems very active on social media and has more than 483K followers on Instagram

Check out her Instagram account-@heeae_official

Kim Hee-Ae Young Picture

She looked very pretty when she was young. Here are the pictures that are collided in one frame.

Kim Hee Ae Movies and TV Shows

Wrapping Up

I hope that this blog on Kim Hee Ae Movies and TV Shows has answered all your queries

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Who is the husband of Kim Hee AE?

Lee Chan-jin is the husband of Kim He Ae.

Does Kim Hee AE have a child?

Yes, she is the mother of Lee Ki-Hyeon and Lee Ki-hoon

What is kim hee-ae height?

1.64 m and 5.3 inches in feet.

What is kim hee-ae chinese name?

Her Chinese name is Kim Hee Ae (김희애).

What is Kim Hee Ae latest drama?

1. Whirlwind (2024)
2. The Moon (2023)
3. The Dinner (2023)

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