Kwak Si-Yang Drama List

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Kwak Si-Yang Drama List

Kwak Si-Yang was born on 15 January 1987. His notable works include his first major role in the drama ‘Second to Last Love’ for the same drama, he won the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards. But one of the best dramas of Kwak Si-Yang is ‘Alice’ where he plays the role of Yoo Min Hyuk(An agent of a Time Travel Agency).

Over the years, he has gained a lot of fans and received numerous awards for his performance. From doing Heartwarming romances to Thrilling dramas, Kwak Si-Yang has proved his versatility as an actor.

In this article, we will explore Kwak Si-Yang Drama List and also learn a little bit about him through some reality shows and some remarkable performances that he has given.

Kwak Si-Yang Drama List Overview

Drama NameYearRoleIMDb
Oh My Ghost2015 Seo Joon(Chef at Sun Restaurant)8/10
All Is Well2015Kang Gi-Chan7.5/10
Rookie Cops2022Kim Hyun Soo [Tak’s older brother]7.5/10
Café Minamdang2022Gong Soo Chul7.3/10
Alice2020Yoo Min Hyuk7.1/10
Welcome 2 Life2019Goo Dong Taek7.2/10
Clean With Passion For Now2018[Oh Sol’s college senior]7/10
Three Color Fantasy: Queen of the Ring2017Professional Model [Episode 5]7.2/10
Chicago Typewriter2017Baek Tae-min / Heo Young-min8.3/10
Second to Last Love 2016Park Joon-woo7.3/10
Mirror of the Witch 2016Poong-yeon[Main role]7.1/10
Fight For My Way2017Kim Nam Il [Landlord’s son] (Ep. 11-16)8.1/10
Lovers Of The Red Sky2021Grand Prince Ju Hyang / Lee Hoo7.6/10
One More Happy Ending2016Bang Dae-Han[Kim Song-Yool’s ex-husband]7.1/10

Kwak Si-Yang Drama List

1. Oh My Ghost

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Romance

No of Episodes:16

The drama tells the story of Na Bong-sun(played by Park Bo-Young) who works as an assistant chef at Sun Restaurant. She has a very timid personality and is often criticized at work. A shaman gifted her a gift to see ghosts and one day she gets possessed by a lustful virgin ghost, who believes that by falling in love with a guy she would be able to move to the after Life. Kwak Si-Yang plays the role of Seo Joon who works as a chef at the same restaurant and has completed his studies at Le Cordon Bleu in France.

2. All Is Well

Genre: Family, Drama

No of Episodes:102

The drama tells the story of people who learns about the meaning of love after facing hate and criticism.

3. Rookie Cops

Genre: Cops, Youth, Romance

No of Episodes:16

The drama depicts the story of a freshman who gets recruited at Korean National Police University. Kim Tak(played by Lee Shin-Young) is a freshman from the national judo team who has a habit of being alone. Kwak Si-yang portrays the role of Kim Hyun-soo, an older brother of Kim Tak and also a four-year student at the same university.

4. Café Minamdang

Genre: Comedy, Mystery, investigation

No of Episodes:18

A famous criminal profiler Nam Han-joon(played by Seo In-Guk) who was convicted 3 years ago for fabricating evidence becomes a shaman and also runs a cafe at the same time. Our Kwak Si-Yang depicts the role of Gong Soo-Cheol, who is a barista during the day and a homicide detective at night.

5. Alice (2020)

Genre: Sc-Fi, Mystery

No of Episodes:16

Alice is a temporal agency that specializes in sending people back in time to see their loved ones who were alive once. Kwak Si-Yang portrays the character of an agent of Alice, who is very skilled with his work and dedicated most of his team to the agency but his life takes a turn when his client breaks the rules of Time-Travelling.

6. Welcome 2 Life

Genre: Fantasy, Law, Romance

No of Episodes:16

Lee Jae Sang(Played by Jung Ji-hoon) is an excellent lawyer at JK Law Firm, who only cares about himself. But a mysterious car accident takes him to a parallel world where he is a prosecutor and married to his ex-girlfriend Ra-Shi On(played by Lim Ji-Yeon). In this drama, Goo Dong-tae(played by Kwak Si Yang) is a police officer and also a partner of Ra Si-On.

7. Clean With Passion For Now

Genre: Comedy, Friendship, Business

No of Episodes:16

Yoon Kyun-sang(played by Jang Seon-Kyul) is a CEO of a cleaning company, who has a habit of being very tidy and suffers from mysophobia. Kim Yoo-Jung (played by Gil Oh-sol) always switched from part-time jobs and strives to get a full-time job.

8. Three Color Fantasy: Queen of the Ring

Genre: Drama

No of Episodes:6

Nan-hee (played by Kim Seul-gi) is not confident about her looks and feels that she is not pretty as others. But one day, she receives a magical ring(given by her family) which makes her become beautiful and Se-gun (Played by Ahn Hyo-Seop) a handsome guy but cold from the outside falls for her.

9. Chicago Typewriter

Genre: Romance, Resurrection, Supernatural

No of Episodes:16

The drama tells the story of three people who were a fighter during the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea. But gets reincarnated in present as Writer, Fan and Ghostwriter,

10. Second to Last Love 

Genre: Comedy, Romance

No of Episodes:20

Kang Min-Joo (Played by Kim Hee-ae) is a woman in her 40s, who works as SBC Broadcasting’s executive producer and the leader of the drama division’s team 1. She feels insecure about her life after her retirement.

11. One More Happy Ending

Genre: Romance, Comedy

No of Episodes:16

The drama centres around a girl’s group “Angels” that was once popular but got disbanded after the members had a misunderstanding among themselves.

12. Mirror of the Witch 

Genre: Comedy, Medical, Supernatural

No of Episodes:20

Heo Jun is an illegitimate child, who is always discriminated against by people. He makes a goal to earn as much as money. While Queen Sim, who is having trouble conceiving a child, takes help from a shaman which enables her to give birth to have twins-a boy and a girl. But the girl comes with a curse that whoever falls in love with her will end up dead.

13. Kwak Si-Yang in Fight For My Way

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Friendship

No of Episodes:16

Ko Dong-man(Played by Park Seo Joon) always dreamed of becoming a famous athlete but after an incident, he loses the opportunity and at present works as a contract employee in a mundane job. Choi Ae-ra (Played by Kim Ji-won) strives to become a News Anchor but works at an information desk at a departmental store.

14. Kwak Si-Yang in Lovers Of The Red Sky

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy

No of Episodes:16

This drama is set during Dan Dynasty when humans were involved with all supernatural activity. Ha Ram(played by Ahn Hyo Seop) is a blind astrologer who is in charge of Geography and astronomy at the office of Seowoongwan. Hong Cheon Ki(played by Kim Yoo Jung) a talented female painter was picked as the first female painter at the Korean Royal Academy of Painting.

Kwak Si-Yang Movies

Here is a list of Movies that he has appeared:

  • Night Flight
  • The Battle of Jangsari
  • The Witness (2018)
  • Familyhood
  • Sori: Voice From The Heart

Kwak Si-Yang in We Got Married

Kwak Si-Yang Drama List

He became more famous after appearing in We Got Married. In an interview, he said that before appearing in the drama, he gave a lot of thought, as people know him only from his dramas and the characters he played but this TV Show could be a place where he could not lie to the public and show who he really is.

He further explained that before the shooting of ‘We Got Married’, he would be nervous as the program dealt with emotions so even after the program is over, there are still some emotions that are left behind.

Kwak Si-Yang’s Instagram Feeds

He dedicates some of his time to his fan. As he shares, most of his daily activities and keeps updates with his fans.

Kwak Si-Yang Drama List

Kwak Si-Yang in Running Man

He appeared in Korea’s Top reality TV Shown Running Man in Episode 414. Where he is playing Rock, Paper Scissors with Jeon So-min and the loser gets hit on the head with the plastic hammer. But looks like Si Yang was very excited about the game and hit So-Min very hard that everyone burst out laughing and at last Our Si-Yang won the game. Watch this funny clip of Running Man below

Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon

Kwak Si-Yang Drama List

Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon tied the knot on 9 June 2017. She said that when she was offered the role of Penthouse: War In Life, she was very nervous and had doubt whether she would be able to play that role but her husband Si-Yang gave her the confidence and comfort that she needed and also advice to take it as a challenge.

In We Got Married, where they were performing live in front of the audience, they kissed in front of the audience and looks like it was not spontaneous but planned in advance, before going for the performance, he suggested that whoever wins the “Best Couple” must kiss.

The performance was lovely and soon as it got over Kim So Heon kissed Si-Yang. She said that she was so nervous that her family also watched it and asked her if she was crazy. Watch this clip to witness the funny moment


I hope that this blog has answered all the questions related to Kwak Si-Yang Drama List and Movies

Throughout the article, we discussed some of the roles and appearances in Running Man, We Got Married.

I hope that Kwak Si-Yang will keep us entertained and bring us more entertaining dramas and shows like before.


What are the TV Shows with Kwak Si-Yang?

Some of the Best TV shows with Kwak Si-Yang are Alice, Second to Last Love, Café Minamdang

Who is Kwak Si Yang wife?

Kwak Si Yang is happily married to Kim So Yeon. They tied the knot on June 9, 2017.

What are Kwak Si-Yang Movies and TV Shows?

The best movies and TV Shows of Kwak Si-Yang are:
1. Night Flight
2. The Battle of Jangsari
3. The Witness (2018)
4. Familyhood
5. Sori: Voice From The Heart
TV Shows
1. Oh My Ghost
2. Rookie Cops
3. Café Minamdang
4. Alice 2020
5. Welcome 2 Life
6. Clean With Passion For Now
7. Three Color Fantasy: Queen of the Ring
8. Chicago Typewriter
9. Second to Last Love
10. Mirror of the Witch
11. Fight For My Way
12. Lovers Of The Red Sky
13. One More Happy Ending

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