12 Park Hae Jin Dramas: From Romance To Thillers

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Park Hae Jin Dramas

Are you looking for the best Park Hae Jin Dramas? Then, this blog will help you find the best dramas of park hae-jin.

Park Hae-Jin was born on 1 May 1983(Age 40 Years) in Busan, South Korea. He started his career in 2006 Famous chill princess for which he won the Best New Actor Award at the 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards.

It is confirmed that “National Death Penalty” is park hae-jin upcoming drama with other supporting actors Park Sung Woong and Lim Ji Yeon, which will be released on December 27, 2023

12. National Death Penalty Vote (2023)

This is park hae jin latest drama where he will play the role of  Kim Moo-Chan, the leader of the investigation team. This drama tells the story of a fictional city where criminals escape the law. A message polling is sent to the citizens on whether the criminals should be punished to death. If 50% support the punishment. Then the person is punished by an unknown man called “Dog Mask.”

11. My Love From the Star

My Love from the Star tells the story of an alien Do Min-Joon (played by Kim Soo Hyun) who landed on Earth 400 years ago. Due to his alien nature, he possesses super abilities like freezing time, healing abilities, and superhuman strength.

During his stay on earth, he meets an actress Cheon Song-Yi(played by Jun Ji-Hyun) who lives in the same apartment. As they cross paths with each other, their love grows and Do Min-Joon keeps protecting her from all dangers. This Drama was a major hit in Korea and internationally.

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10. Bad Guys

Due to the increase in crime in the district, Oh Gu-Tak(Played by Kim Sang-Joong) plans to gather a team of Bad guys. Lee Jung-Moon(played by park hae-jin ) is a genius with an IQ of 165 but a serial killer, Park Woong-Cheol(played by Ma Dong-Seok) is a gangster and leader in the prison and Jung Tae-Soo is a hired Hitman who never makes a mistake.

9. Far Away Love

Far away love tells the story of a woman named Xia Zhiyuan (played by Li Fei’er) who is a hardworking and optimistic person who works in a hotel to clear her father’s debt and also takes care of the son of her long-lost sister.

While working in the hotel, she meets He Yanze (played by park hae-jin) the owner of the hotel who looks cold and rude but from inside he is a very heartwarming person. As time passes, they develop feelings for each other and deal with disapproving family members.

8. Doctor Stranger 

Doctor Stranger tells the story of Park Hoon(played by Lee Jong Suk) who was kidnapped with his father to North Korea to work as a Doctor. After years of working with his father Park Hoon becomes the best doctor.

Park Hoon escaped from North Korea and later works in a prestigious hospital in South Korea and later meets his Girlfriend Song Jae-hee (played by Jin Se-Yeon). Han Jae-Joon (Played by park hae-jin) who is also a brilliant doctor but comes rival with Park Hoon when they fall in love with the same girl.

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7. Man to Man

Man to Man tells the story of a secret agent Kim Seol-woo(played by park hae-jin) who is skilled and smart and is assigned as a bodyguard to a famous actor named Yeo-Woong-Gwang(played by Park Sung-Woong).

Kim Seol-Woo tries to protect Yeo-woong-Gwang from all threats and later they become as close friends. This drama is filled with comedy and action-packed scenes which will entertain you a lot. This drama is filled with comedy and humour and is one of the best park hae jin dramas.

6. From Now, Showtime!

This drama tells the story of Cha Cha-Woong(played by park hae-jin) who is a famous TV Star magician who wonders for audiences with his magic but he has a secret, there are people who help him with his magic and they are ghosts as his helpers.

Cha Cha-Woong can actually see ghosts and later cross paths with Go Seul-hae(played by Jin Ki-Joo) who is a police officer and uncover his secret and request him to join her to uncover the investigations.

This was one of park hae jin dramas that left a long-lasting impact on the audience. The drama shows how friends and family are important. Even, after the ghost leaves for the afterlife. They come one last time in disguise to help him.

5. Kkondae Intern

kkondae intern tells the story of an old manager Lee Man-Sik(played by Kim Eung-soo) who is demoted from his position and joins a company as an intern under the supervision of Ka Yeol-chan(Played by park hae-jin) but little did he know that his manager was the person he bullied and made to leave his job but Ka Yeol-chan with his marketing skills and years of hard work becomes a wealthy manager. But later, they realize each other’s situation and become close.

4. Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap tells the story of Hong Seol(Played by Kim Go-Eun) who is a hardworking and intelligent student but also struggles to pay her tuition fees. She meets Jung Yoo (played by park hae-jin) who is a popular and handsome senior who takes an interest in Hong Seol and starts to date each other

But there is a dark and mysterious side of him that Hong Seol does not know. Basically, this story revolves around some college students and their relationships with each other. This drama will tell you about friendship, love and jealousy.

3. Forest 

Forest tells the story of Kang San-Hyeok(played by park hae-jin) who works as a Rescue worker in a company Miryeong Forest. While working in the forest, he meets Jung young-Jae(played by Jo Bo-ah) who is a doctor and recently hired by the company to run their clinic.

But Kang San-Hyeok is a person who loves nature and is searching for his father who disappeared in the forest years ago. Both develop feelings for each other as they work together and deal with corrupt officials in the forest.

2. Hot Blood

Hot Blood revolves around Ha Ryu(Played by park hae-jin) who is a hardworking and competitive person but comes from a poor background and wants to make money. He wants to be a Successful businessman and joins a company as a trainee, there he meets other trainees who compete with each other in order to make a place in the company and later they become friends but have to deal with competition and Politics in the company.

1. Another Brilliant Life

Another Brilliant Life tells the story of Liu Da Ming(played by park hae-jin) who is a famous superstar and Guan Yu(played by Han Cheng Yu) who is a noodle shop waiter. After an accident, their lives get switched Liu Da Ming lives as Guan Yu and Guan Yu lives as Liu Da Ming. As they began to live each other lives they began to understand each other hardships and starts to thank each other lives.


Who is Park Hae Jin ideal type?

In an Interview, park hae-jin said that he is a family-oriented person and he prefers someone who is also a Family oriented. He further said that the work he does is different so he prefers someone who is family-oriented rather than working outside all the time.

Which Korean drama should I watch?

There are many Korean dramas but let me give you a list of the best Korean dramas with high IMDb rate-My Love From the Star, Doctor Stranger, From Now, Showtime!, Kkondae Intern

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