6 Must-See Park Solomon Dramas and TV Shows

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Park Solomon Dramas

Park Solomon was born on November 11, 1999. His family comes from Koryo-Saram descent. In 2017, he gained some initial recognition from the drama “Sweet Revenge”. Later, he appeared in the Zombie-themed series”All of Us Are Dead” which became a huge hit in 2022.

Also, made him gain international popularity and in less than a week he gained 2 million followers on Instagram. He was also nominated for the same K-drama as the Best New Actor in Television in the Directors Cuts Awards.

One of the most awaited park solomon dramas is All of Us Are Dead Season 2 which is yet to be released

In an interview when asked the meaning of his name, Solomon said that he does not have any religion and his father always wanted him to live wisely reading the bible and he will continue to work hard.


Check out Park Solomon Dramas and TV Shows

These are the ones that are best tv shows with Park Solomon but he has played some cameo roles in other dramas as well and they are- Doctors (2016), The Legendary Witch (2014), Bride of the Century (2014), Horror Stories III (2016).

All of Us Are Dead Season 2

Genre: Horror, Suspense, Zombie

IMDb rate: Not yet

No of Episodes: Not yet

This is the most awaited show of 2024 and also park solomon upcoming drama. There is no information on the synopsis or release date but the good news is that Netflix released the teaser saying its announcement. So, the shooting must be going on. If anything comes up, will update you right here.

This K-drama features Park Solomon as Lee Su-Hyeok, Cho Yi-Hyum as Choi-Nam-Ra, Yoon Chan-Young as Lee Cheong-San and Park ji-Hu as Nam On-Jo.

All of Us Are Dead

Genre: Horror, Suspense, Zombie

IMDb rate:7.5/10

No of Episodes:12

If you haven’t watched this drama yet, then you are doing a big mistake. This was one of the most talked about park solomon dramas till now. The Season was such a big hit that the second season is also Scheduled for 2024. Anyway, the story starts with a science teacher who does an experiment on a hamster,

One of the students gets bitten by the hamster in the science lab due to which the virus gets spread in the School and the students become zombies and start eating other students. This drama will give you the chills and also tell you how a person can do anything to survive. Just watch the trailer and I bet you will get goosebumps.

Revenge of Others (2022)

Genre: Action, Revenge, School

IMDb rate:7.6/10

No of Episodes:12

Another one of the best park solomon best dramas. The story tells about a school student Kang Yeol as Ok Chan-kyu suddenly falls from the school building, the police say that he committed suicide but his twin sister Shin Ye-eun as Ok Chan-mi does not believe that and in order to find the truth she takes admission to the same school.

Park Solomon as Ji Soo Heon suddenly discovers that he has a brain tumour and in order to give meaning to his remaining time, he decides to seek justice and works together with Ok Chan-mi.

Lookism (2019)

Genre: Friendship, Romance

IMDb rate:7.9/10

No of Episodes:38

This drama tells the story of an ugly boy Wen Shuai who is bullied at school and not recognised by other students. But one day he finds that he has two different bodies. One body will appear when he awakes and the other body will awake when he is sleeping.

After getting transferred to Ji Soo Heonas’s body (Park Solomon), he is welcomed and loved by all the people in the school. He starts having friends and feels a level of comfort and confidence. But, When the original owner of the body wakes up, the problems begin.

The Guardians

Genre: Action, Revenge

IMDb rate:7.6/10

No of Episodes:32

This drama tells the story of four people who lost their loved ones to criminals and are not given justice by the law. The group consists of a prosecutor, Detective, Hacker and an Insomniac who decides to take the matter into their own hands and gives the criminals the punishment they deserve.

Sweet Revenge (2017)

Genre: Friendship, revenge, School

IMDb rate:7.2/10

No of Episodes:12

This is a Mini drama that tells the story of Kim Hyang-gi as Hoo Goo Hee who is often bullied at school. One day, an app called Revenge Note pops up on her phone and asks her to write the name of the person that bullies her. After she writes the name on the app bad things start to happen to those people.

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What is the upcoming Park Solomon drama?

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 is the upcoming drama of Park Solomon which will be released on 2024

Who is the hero of Revenge of the Others?

Park Solomon as Ji Soo Heon is the hero as he seeks justice and punishes bad people.

What is Park Solomon’s stage name?

Lomon is the stage name. He also said in an interview that his name does not have any religion.

What language can Park Solomon speak?

Park Solomon can speak Uzbek and Russian, Korean and English.

What agency is Park Solomon?

Park Solomon belongs to the “Big Smile Entertainment” agency.

Does Park Solomon have Instagram?

Yes his official Instagram id is @lomon991111

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