Hi, everyone. My name is Rahul. I am a part-time blogger

The reason I started this blog on Korean dramas is because I love Korean dramas. I got addicted to Korean dramas during Covid-19. I used to work in customer support at a company but was always frustrated in that job due to too much pressure. When I come home from work I had nothing to do to relieve my stress or I could meet people at that time so every time I was scrolling through Facebook. I always find some interesting scenes in Korean dramas like comedy, action and romance. Many times during my college, my friends who were Korean drama lovers suggested watching Kdramas but I found it to be boring like who is going to watch 50-100 episodes as I only watch movies sometimes.

But I thought of giving it a try during Covid and I did and there was no coming back. I would watch like 6-7 hours a day. Even after my work gets over I would directly start watching dramas so I was very much addicted. But later, I tried to balance it and watch it whenever I am free or if any interesting or unique dramas come up. I will be the first one to watch it

I was also learning to blog so I was thinking to Start a blog but trust me, I don’t have any skills like other people such as singing, dancing or good in tech, etc, but I realize that I am a Korean drama lover and whenever I want to watch some other Genres like action, horror, comedy. I would know how to search and where to find the best drama information. So, I thought of using this hobby of finding and watching good dramas into something better where I could also help people to find good dramas. If he/She is having a hard time in some places they could find a platform, where they could read about Korean dramas, OST and many things to come in future.

I hope that this blog will be a place where users feel like they could be at ease by reading about dramas, Korean culture and some good Korean OSTs as well.


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