Kim Nam Hee TV Shows

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Kim Nam Hee TV Shows

Are you looking for Kim Nam Hee TV Shows? Then, this blog is the right place where you will find all the information on him.

Kim Nam Hee was born on 25 May 1986. He is best known for the dramas Sweet Home, Reborn Rich and Mr Sunshine.

After doing numerous roles in various dramas and movies. He finally won the award as the Best supporting actor in “Mr Sunshine” at the Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards and was also nominated as the Best-supporting Actor for the drama “On the Verge of Insanity.”

Kim Nam Hee TV Shows Overview

Drama NameYearRoleIMDb
Chicken Nugget2023Supporting roleNot Yet
Family: The Unbreakable Bond2023Cho Tae-gu6.5/10
Where Would You Like to Go?2023Supporting roleNot Yet
tvN O’PENing: Don’t Announce Your Husband’s Death2022Supporting role7.5/10
Glitch2022Ma Hyung-woo6.1/10
The Law Cafe2022Park Woo-jin7.4/10
Reborn Rich2022Jin Seong-jun8.1/10
The Black Sheep Game2022Main Host7.6/10
On the Verge of Insanity2021Shin Han-soo7.7/10
Sweet Home2020Jung Jae-heo7.3/10
Find Me in Your Memory2020Drama Director7.4/10
Spring Turns to Spring2019Heo Bom-il7.5/10
Mr Sunshine2018Mori Takashi8.7/10
Twenty-Five Twenty-One2022SalesMan8.6/10

1. Chicken Nugget (2023)

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Choi Min-ah (Played by Kim Yoo-Jung) discovers a machine that accidentally turns her into a chicken nugget. Her father Choi Seon-man (Played by Ryu Seung-Ryong) and Go Baek-joong (Played by Ahn Jae-hong, an intern) plan to find a way to get her back to being normal.

2. Family: The Unbreakable Bond (2023)

Genre: Comedy, Action, Thriller

No of Episodes:12

Kwon Do-hoon (Played by Jang Hyuk) disguises himself as a trading company employee in the day but is a secret agent for NIS(National Intelligence Service). His wife Kang Yu-ra(Played by Jang Na-ra) is a homemaker who runs a small store but is also a secret agent. They both maintain their identity as a secret until Cho Tae-gu(Played by Kim Nam-hee) enters their life.

3. Where Would You Like to Go? (2023)

Genre: Drama

After failing to save a student Ji Yong from drowning, Do Kyung, his teacher also dies. To escape the pain of her husband’s death. Kyung’s wife Myung Ji travels to Warsaw, Poland.

4. tvN O’PENing: Don’t Announce Your Husband’s Death (2022)

Genre: Mini-Series

Yoon Jae-young(Played by Kim Nam-hee) has a 1% chance of fertility rate who lies to a woman, for the safe delivery of the pregnant woman.

5. The Law Cafe (2022)

Genre: Law, Romance

No of Episodes:16

Kim Jeong-ho(Played by Lee Seung-gi) is a former prosecutor who is widely known as “Monster Genius.” Kim Yu-ri(Played by Lee Se-young) is an unusual Lawyer, who decides to leave her company-Hwang & Gu Law Firm and opens a cafe.

While Kim Nam-hee portrays the role of Park Woo-jin, Director of  Barun Mental Health Clinic.

6. The Black Sheep Game (2022)

Genre: Investigation, Mystery

No of Episodes:4

This is a reality show where Kim Nam-hee acts as the announcer of the game where the contestants will play a game for four nights and 3 days, without knowing their own and others’ true identities. The person who uses his instincts and predicts with logical evidence will become the winner.

7. On the Verge of Insanity (2021)

Genre: Office, Drama

No of Episodes:16

Choi Ban-seok(Played by Jung Jae-young) is an engineer at Hanmyung Electronics. To save his job, he transfers to HR Department and finds himself working under Dang Ja-young(Played by Moon So-ri) an outstanding workaholic lady who is often respected by her colleagues. Her life changes when she meets Dang Ja-Young. While Kim Nam-hee works in the research building and is known by the name Shin Han-soo.

8. Sweet Home (2020)

Genre: Supernatural, Survival, Mystery

No of Episodes:10

How can we forget this drama when are talking about Kim Nam-hee TV Shows. This was one of the dramas that he got widely recognised. He plays the role of Jung Jae-Heo, a Christian devoter and also a Korean Language Teacher. During the apocalypse, he saves Yoon Jisoo and others with his martial art sword.

9. Find Me in Your Memory

Genre: Romance, Fantasy,

No of Episodes:16

A drama where a man remembers every moment of his life as he suffers from hyperthymesia while the woman does not remember her past.

10. Spring Turns to Spring

Genre: Business, Comedy

No of Episodes:16

A surprising turn of events causes two women- Kim Bo-mi(Played by Lee Yu-ri as) and Lee Bom(Played by Uhm Ji-won) to switch their bodies and live their dreams.

11. Mr. Sunshine

Genre: Historical, Military

No of Episodes:24

One of the highest-rated dramas on IMDb and also in Korean Cable Television History. Kim Nam-hee portrayed the role of  Mori Takashi, a Japanese colonel who is very cruel and rude, especially to the people of Joseon.

Kim Nam-Hee in Goblin

It stars Gong Yoo as Kim Shin who was a warrior in the Goryeo era but in present, he is a 940-year-old goblin who is looking for his bride to end his curse of immortality. Lee Dong Wook was the cruel king in his past life and after committing great crimes, he becomes the Grim Reaper as punishment. Kim Go-Eun is a 19-year-old student who is also the bride of Goblin.

Kim Shin has a guest role in this drama, where he plays the role of an overworked doctor in the emergency room.

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Kim Nam Hee in Reborn Rich

Kim Nam Hee had a very impactful role in this drama. He portrays the role of Jin Seong-jun, the eldest grandchild of the Soonyang family and also the favourite grandchild of his grandfather Jin Yang-chul(Played by Lee Sung-min). He behaves as a calm and respectful person in front of his family but he is not. To become the head of the company, he will do anything.

Kim Nam-Hee in 2521

In 2521, Kim Nam-Hee Portrays the role of a salesman in a mobile store. The drama follows the story of Na Hee-do(Played by Kim Tae-ri) a high school girl, who later becomes a member of the high school team after getting disbanded from the fencing team at school while Baek Yi-jin (Played by Nam Joo-hyuk) finally becomes a reporter after facing some lousy situation in the past.

Kim Nam-Hee in Glitch

The drama depicts the story of Hong Ji-hyo(Played by Jeon Yeo-been) works in a company. One night, her boyfriend Lee Si-kook(Played by Lee Dong-hwi) suddenly disappears. She suspects that the aliens abducted him but nobody believes her. She goes on a mission to search for him and decides to take help from her friend Heo Bo-ra(Played by Nana) an unsuccessful youtuber, who is also a member of the UFO watcher community. On her quest, a psychiatrist name Ma Hyung-woo(Played by Kim Nam-Hee) also helps her.

Who is Kim Nam Hee’s Wife?

There is not much info about his wife. But, he dated his girlfriend for 10 years who was also his college mate and he tied the knot on September 29, 2018.


What is Kim Nam-Hee Age?

37 years old.

What is Kim Nam Hee Height?

1.78m and 5.8 inch(Feet).

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