Teo Yoo K-Dramas

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Teo Yoo K-Dramas

Are You Looking for Teo Yoo K-Dramas? Then, this blog will provide you with all the dramas, movies and a little bit about his personal life.

He is best known for his role in Love To Hate You and Past Lives.

He was born on April 11 1981 in Germany and completed his studies in the United States. He first dreamed of becoming a basketball player but due to an injury, he could not complete his dream.

Teo Yoo Drama List Overview

Drama NameYearRoleIMDb
Love To Hate You2021Nam Kang-ho7.9/10
Honeymoon Tavern2021Main Chef8.1/10
Dr. Brain2021Secretary Yoon6.7/10
Money Game2020Yoo Jin-Han8/10
The School Nurse Files2020Mr. Mackenzie(English Teacher)6.4/10
New Year Blues2021Rae-hwan6.3/10
Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum2018Supporting role6.4/10
The Moment2017Mr. Kim6.6/10
Seoul Searching2016Klaus Kim6.9/10
You Call It Passion2015Supporting role5.7/10
One on One2014 Shadow 36.8/10

1. Love To Hate You (2023)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Mini-Series

No of Episodes: 10

Nam Kang-ho(Played by Teo Yoo) is the most popular actor in Korea. He is smart, intelligent and good-looking and known as the master of kisses. But deeply hates women. Yeo Mi-ran(Played by Kim Ok-vin) a lawyer at Gilmu Law Firm. She is good with fight and hates losing to men.

2. Honeymoon Tavern (2021)

Genre: Comedy, Reality Show

No of Episodes: 9

This Reality show was made on Covid-29. Starring Kim Hee-sun, Tak Jae-hoon, Yoo Teo and Moon Se-Yoon

3. Dr Brain (2021)

Genre: Medical, Investigation, Thriller

No of Episodes: 6

Sewon Koh(Played by Lee Sun-Kyun) a brain scientist loses his family in a tragic accident. To find out what happened, he experiments on his wife’s brain.

4. Money Game (2020)

Genre: Corruption, Investigation, Political

No of Episodes: 16

South Korean Government are on the verge of bankruptcy as the country’s money is in a bank that is going to bankrupt and repeat the same situation as happened in 1997.

5. The School Nurse Files (2020)

Genre: Supernatural, Medical, Comedy

No of Episodes: 6

Jung Yu-mi(Played by Ahn Eun-young) has a supernatural power to see jellies. She is newly appointed to a high school where the monsters come. While Hong In-pyo(Played by Nam Joo-hyuk) has a special power around him that protects him from all the monsters.

Let’s divide into Teo Yoo Movies

  • New Year Blues (2021)
  • Vertigo (2019)
  • Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)
  • The Moment (2017)
  • Seoul Searching (2016)
  • You Call It Passion
  • One-on-One (2014)

Teo Yoo in Vagabond

Vagabond tells the story of Cha Dal-gun (Played by Lee Seung-gi) a stuntman whose dream is to become the biggest action star. He has a nephew Cha Hoon (Played by Moon Woo-jin) whom he deeply cares about. But one day, his nephew travels to Morocco by flight, and the plane crashes and kills over 200 civilians including his nephew.

While Tae Yoo Portrays the role of a Mercenary who was involved in the plane crash.

Teo Yoo’s Instagram feeds

Teo Yoo K-Dramas

Tae Yoo is very active on Instagram. He has posted more than 1,114 posts and is followed by more than 477k Followers.


Teo Yoo and his Wife

Teo Yoo K-Dramas

He is married to Photographer Nikki S. Lee and they are living together since 2007. In an interview, he said that he is an introvert and feels shy to come to public with his wife and prefers to stay home and make coffee for his wife in the morning. He further said that she is the only supporter and loves his wife to the core.

Teo Yoo in Running Man

He appeared in the Reality Show “Running Man” in episode 535 alongside Yoo Yeon-Seok and Choi Soo-young, where they played some fun games. Watch the full episode below.

Teo Yoo in Chocolate

Lee Kang(Played by Yoon Kye-sang) is a neurosurgeon who once dream of becoming a chef. He looks cold but has a warm heart inside. Moon Cha-yeong(Played by Ha Ji-won) met Lee Kang when she was a child. He made her a dish, which inspired her to become a famous chef.

Te Yoo takes the character of Kwon Min-seong who is a lawyer and best friend of Lee Kang, whose father also runs Geosung Hospice.

Teo Yoo in Decision to Leave

In this movie, he portrays the role of Director Lee. The movie received an IMDb rate of 7.3/10. The story revolves around Hae Joon(Played by Park Hae-il) a detective who gets involved in an unnatural death of a retired immigration officer. While investigating the case he gets involved with Seo Rae and becomes suspicious of her.

Tae Yoo in the movie Past Lives

Past Lives is a movie that was released in the United States and was well-received by audiences and critics. The IMDb rating for this movie is 8.4/10

Starring Teo Yoo, Greta Lee and John Magaro. Director Celine Song explained that the movie was her own experience with a childhood friend.

Teo Yoo in Arthdal Chronicles

In the historical drama Arthdal Chronicles, he plays the role of Ragaz. Also Starring Jang Dong-gun, Song Joong-ki, Kim Ji-won and Kim Ok-vin.

Teo Yoo and Hyun Bin

Teo Yoo K-Dramas

In the drama Love To Hate You, where he played the character of Nam Kang-ho, who hates women.

Before the drama, the writer advised him to watch Secret Garden and study Hyun Bin’s role, where he played the role of an arrogant CEO, who maintains the image of a perfectionist in the drama. After watching the drama again, he fully immersed himself in the role.

Teo Yoo Speaking English and Other Languages

He was born and brought up in Germany and speaks German very well. After studying in the United States and leaving his dream to become a basketball player due to an injury, he is very fluent in English. For the movie Leto(Russian Film), he had to say the lines in Russian, so he learned Russian.

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Teo Yoo Movies and TV Shows

1. New Year Blues (2021)
2. Vertigo (2019)
3. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)
4. The Moment (2017)
5. Seoul Searching (2016)
6. You Call It Passion
7. One-on-One (2014)
8. Past Lives
9. Decision to Leave
10. Chocolate
TV Shows:
1. Love To Hate You (2023)
2. Honeymoon Tavern (2021)
3. Dr Brain (2021)
4. Money Game
5. The School Nurse Files (2020)
6. Vagabond
7. Arthdal Chronicles

What is Teo Yoo’s age?

He is 42 years old.

Who is Teo Yoo’s wife?

Nikki S. Lee, wife of Teo Yoo is a photographer by profession.

What is Teo Yoo Height?

Teo Yoo is 1.78m and 5.8 inches in feet.

Which Korean actor can speak German?

Tae Yoo is a native German speaker as he was born in Germany.

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