12 Binge-worthy Namkoong Min Drama List and Movies

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Namkoong Min Drama List and Movies

Are you looking for NamKoong Min Drama List and Movies? Then, you are at the right place. I have personally watched all the dramas and listed them on this blog, hope you will find it nice.

Namkoong Min is one of the best actors in South Korea. His acting skills are phenomenal. He can play different roles and fits into all of them. His best acting was featured in “Remember – War of the Son” where he played the villain role name Nam Gyu-man and I became a fan from there.

In, 2021 he got the Grand Award for his role in “The Veil” where he played the role of an NIS agent and trust me you will love that drama. He was in tears as he gave his acceptance speech thanking his cast members and everyone involved in the drama and his girlfriend too. He also said that it was very tough for him as there were so many things to do in the drama and he would be tired after working but in the Vanity van, his cast members would make jokes and help him relieve his stress.

Check out the 12 Namkoong Min Drama List and Movies

I have listed the best dramas according to their quality. Please watch this drama one at a time in order to get the best experience.

1. One Dollar Lawyer (2022)

Genre: Comedy, Law

IMDb rate:7.9/10

No of Episodes:12

The first drama on our list is One Dollar Lawyer. Chun Ji-Hoon(played by Namkoong Min) is an excellent and skilled lawyer who fights for people in need and charges only one dollar to his client. He wears black glasses and has a stylish perm. While Bark Ma-Ri(Kim Ji-eun) is also a lawyer who just graduated but her grandfather Bae Hyun-Moo(played by Lee Deok-Hwa) wants her to work with Chun Ji-Hoon. Her life changes after she meets Chun Ji-Hoon and later works together to fight against people’s injustice. The drama has an interesting concept of one dollar as to why he charges only one dollar and Why he fights against the people who break the law and run away. As you try to know his backstory, you will find a very sad story behind it.

2. The Veil (2021)

Genre: Drama, Investigation

IMDb rate:7.5/10

No of Episodes:12

Han Ji-Hyuk(played by NamKoongmin) is the top agent in the NIS and gets assigned a particular task with his team but his colleagues get killed and he disappears in the thin year but a year later he appears and everybody starts to doubt him as the murderer for his colleagues but there is a big secret behind it but Han Ji-Hyuk also does not remember anything of the past.

3. Awaken (2020)

Genre: Drama, mystery

IMDb rate:7.5/10

No of Episodes:16

This drama tells the story of Do Jung-Woo(played by NamKoongmin) a police officer who is unorganised, messy and sucks on lollipops all the time and he is sent to the town to investigate the mysterious murders. But as they uncover the truth they learn that some scientists are experimenting on children and there is also a dark secret about Do Jung-Woo which even he does not remember.

3. Remember – War of the Son

Genre: Revenge, Law, Thriller

IMDb rate:7.7/10

No of Episodes:20

This drama starts with Seo-Jin-Wo(played by Yoo Seung-ho), a smart lawyer who can remember everything he sees in detail. Seo-Jin-Wo father gets wrongly accused and he tried to prove his guilty by fighting Nam Gyu-man(played by Namkoongmin) who is the main villain of the drama. This drama was very popular and Namkoongmin was very much praised and loved for his role.

4. Chief Kim

Genre: Comedy, Office

IMDb rate:7.9/10

No of Episodes:20

This is one of the best comedy-drama that you will ever see. The drama starts with Kim Sung-Ryong who is an accountant and works for the gangsters but one day he joins a big corporation and joins as an accountant and plans to steal money. But, his plan changes as he discovers some corruption going on inside the office and meets some good colleagues who change his mind and later decide to fight the corruption.

5. Stove League

Genre: Sports, Drama

IMDb rate:8.3/10

No of Episodes:16

This drama is about sports and trust me you will not regret watching this drama. The drama features a team who is on a losing height and Baek-Seung-Soo(played by NamKoongmin) joins the team as a general manager and builds the team from scratch such as negotiating with them and hiring new players and training them and analyzing the plan to win the game.

6. Doctor Prisoner

Genre: Revenge, Crime, Thriller

IMDb rate:7.6/10

No of Episodes:16

The drama is about a skilled doctor named Na Yi-je(played by NamKoongmin) who works in a hospital but suddenly one day gets charged with malpractice. But years later he gets his Doctor’s license back and joins as a doctor in the prison where he serves the rich business tycoons and other rich celebrities who are caught taking drugs. But his main plan was to get revenge on the chief of the hospital that made false charges against him.

7. One Fine Day

Genre: Drama, Romance

IMDb rate:6.7/10

No of Episodes:16

The drama starts with Seo-Ha-neul(played by Sung Yu-ri) who wants to become a singer but struggles with money. Kang Dong-ha(played by Nam Koong Min) is a wealthy businessman who takes an interest in Ha-neul and decides to help her. After a while, they become close but suddenly one day Kang Dong-ha Ex-girlfriend comes in between them and they both leave each other. Years later, Seo Ha-neul becomes a popular singer and Kang Dong-ha meets her again and they both decide to give each other a chance and date again.

8. A Dirty Carnival

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

IMDb rate:7.3/10

A Dirty Carnival starts with Kim Byung-doo(played by Zo In-Sung) who is a low-level gangster for the last 30 years but is dreaming to become a top-level gangster but is forced by his boss to do things that are not right during this, he meets Min-ho(played by Nam Koong Min) who is planning to make a film on gangsters and ask him to guide him the story on Gangsters. This movie will show you how one betrays another and climbs to the top and how loyalty can sometimes be unrewarding.

9. The Birth of the Rich

Genre: Romance

IMDb rate:7/10

No of Episodes:20

The drama starts with Choi Suk Bong(played by Ji Hyun Woo) who dreams of becoming a successful person but fails to meet his end meets needs and later he starts to work at Sunwoo Group. After a while, he becomes a successful businessman. Chu Woon-Seok(played by NamKoong Min) is the main antagonist of the drama, he is also the second son of the Ha family. He is manipulative and cunning and will do anything to protect his family’s wealth status

10. Can You Hear My Heart 

Genre: Drama, Romance

IMDb rate:7.5/10

No of Episodes:30

Can you heart my heart tells the story of Cha Dong-Woo(played by Kim Jae-Won) who meets an accident and becomes deaf but despite his disability, he pretends to become normal around people. Jaang Joon-ha(played by Naam Koong Min) is a powerful and cold-hearted man who controls the whole town and will do anything to maintain his power around people.

11. Falsify (2017)

Genre: Corruption, Crime

IMDb rate:7/10

No of Episodes:32

Han-Moo-Young(played by NamKoongmin) is a journalist who works in a daily newspaper. He tries to uncover the truth about a high-rise building that was burned and finds that there are corporations and many government officers who are involved in the incident and tries to make them pay for the crime.


I hope you will find this drama to be fun

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Who did Min Namkoong marry?

NamKoong married his girlfriend-Jin Ah Reum whom he had been dating for 7 years. She is a South Korean model and started dating NamKoongmin in 2015.

How old is Namkoong Min?

NamKoong Min was born on 12 March, 1978 and is currently 45 years old.

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